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Computer Programming

Master the Theory to Becoming a Good Programmer! 

If you’re looking to learn the theory that makes great programmers, you’ve come to the right place! Anointed Universal School Of I T is perfect for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals to Computer Science Theory. 

No Previous Experience Necessary! 

Computer science and technology are often thought of as things only for “analytical minds”.We believe however that technology and it’s theory are for everyone. So we have tutors have designed each course to teach each topic in a variety of easy to digest ways. Through these multiple reinforcing steps, We believe anyone can follow along and succeed! 

Why is the Theory of Programming Important? 

Understanding Computer Science theory is what sets apart Great programmers from average ones. Programming theory is something that transcends a single programming language. It gives you skills and techniques you can apply to any programming language you touch. Learning the theory behind programming is just as important, if not more important than learning a singular programming language like Java or C++.

Programming is all about problem solving. Analyzing a problem, and being able to figure out a way that a computer can help with that problem. Computer Science is the practice of this analysis process. It goes over the techniques and knowledge necessary to design efficient and sustainable code. 

So if you want to begin setting yourself apart from the average programmers, Anointed Universal School Of IT is the school for you! 

Apply Now and you’ll Learn: 

  • Binary Number System

  • N Notation

  • Big O Notation

  • How to Analyze a Program

  • Arrays and their Advantages

  • Nodes and their Importance

  • Linked Lists and their Advantages and Implementations

  • Stacks implemented with Arrays and Linked Lists

  • Queues Implemented with Arrays and Linked Lists

  • Various Sorting Algorithms and Their Comparisions

  • Trees and Binary Search Trees

  • And Much Much More! 

After we will give you the opportunity to choose the language of your choice as per your preferences. Either Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, HTML or CSS


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