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Every year, more than 50% of the total students who sit for the West African Secondary School Examination fail to pass their examination and hence denying them access to higher (tertiary) education as well as career opportunities. Same situation happens to students who sit to write the private examination (WASSCE remedial). This situation has become a very worrying issue to students in Ghana and even scares prospective students who wish to sit for the examination. In Ghana, WASSCE certificate is the basic and one of the most credible documents that one is expected to provide when applying for admission into any tertiary institution, Work and Security services.
Passing the WASSCE examination is therefore one of the surest ways to progress in education and to advance economically in Ghana. Without institutions that help these students to pass their examinations and provide them with other alternatives to higher education, many students will be deprived of the opportunity to tertiary education and a dependable career.

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To solve or reduce this problem, there should be an alternative form of helping students pursue programs which will help them secure a good career and also help those who still want to pursue tertiary education a way to pass their examination.
Anointed Universal College helps bridge this gap by providing quality education for students who rewrite the WASSCE to pass their examination by giving them the right teaching and learning tools and an enabling environment which challenges them to utilize their best learning approach to contribute to the success of their final examination.
In addition, Anointed Universal College also gives students the alternative solution by enrolling these students in nationally and internationally recognized professional programs. These programs equip students with skills and technical know-how which prepare them very well for the job market.

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Anionted Universal College is currently one of the fastest raising remedial and professional schools in Ghana.

This came about due to the commitment level a of the lectures and the ambition and passion to see students excel in thier examination.

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