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Amid this current pandemic health issues has been the most important activity to all humanity which has made people forget about other important issues. In as much as health is the priority, we should understand that sectors in the country are brainstorming to come up with solutions for economic progress. Education is one of the major sectors which I think attention has been shifted from.
Most people are not aware he 2020 Wassce Novdec is currently ongoing because probably they think there will no examination for this year. Per the current proposed plans of GES on school enrollment, wassce June will have been written by the end of September 2020 which means Novdec might be written November to December 2020. One advance from the medical sector suggests that COVID 19 has come to be with us so we have to learn how to do things in new ways because the pandemic will stay for a bit longer. To register for the Novdec with Anointed Universal College online and join our virtual class

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